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The road to consistency is one filled with immense difficulty and obstacles but once you overcome the learning curve you can grow into a profitable trader and make money from the financial markets wherever you are in the world and build a new source of income.

What we promise to deliver.

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With all the content being in-house on the website and telegram you’ll never miss a beat and can work towards becoming a part of the 1%; shift your focus and block out the noise. It’s time to learn what really matters.


The course we provide is designed to impact your trading career like no other. We intend to do this by making the course easy to follow but we have also produced the content in a way that helps you understand our concepts much easier.


We take you from Intermediate to Psychology and Mindset in 35+ videos of educational content with additional content update regularly. We provide chart breakdowns where we explain how we apply the gathering of all the information we have accumulated over our trading careers into a format that is comprehendible to create profitable, independent traders.


Take your understanding and knowledge to new heights and access all our concepts and strategies we apply to the market to remain consistently profitable.



“Pure quality. From analysis to execution, OTH makes minimising risk and magnifying the R:R a thing of beauty. My mindset and trading skills have levelled up crazy amounts since joining and I couldn’t be happier with the service.An awesome community and even more awesome mentors all working to one goal - to be independent traders. genuinely amazing stuff and can’t wait to keep growing with the community!"

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Welcome to OnyxTradeHouse, where you will embark on your journey to develop your understanding of the Foreign financial markets. You will learn how to use the concepts we teach and how you can analyse the markets yourself to capitalise consistently wherever you may be in the world as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection.


Step up to the opportunity and be a part of the fastest growing financial hub in the world. 

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Our course is all online and you can access the content wherever you may be as long as you have an internet connection. Paired with our easy to follow process you will be sure to take your knowledge to new heights at the comfort of your home or abroad.


“I have been recieving direct mentorship from Daban for nearly 6 months now. The content that I have learned trough this Zoom calls and advice for his regular checkups, have been invaluable and I've been able to enhance my trading skills and bring them up to the next level. My risk management was really poor at the beginning but through Daban's course. I was able to learn how to increase my risk to reward ratio and know when to take my profits without being too greedy. 10/10 recommend his service for anyone who is looking to get into trading or for anyone who is already trading to take it to the next level!"

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“Trading with OTH has not only enhanced my knowledge on Forex Trading but has also made me a better trader by understanding the differences between a retail trader and a institutional trader. Understanding the key differences, enabled me to find perfect entry points and got myself into profitable side of trading. OTH will teach you A-Z of the forex market and eradicate any doubts you have for trading. "

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