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We understand and appreciate the industry we are working in; how it allows us to create a source of income which we can leverage to create opportunities for ourselves. However, we sometimes can lose sight of ourselves and forget to be grateful and that’s why we have decided to donate a percentage of the membership fees to a charity that we decide on as a team through the Telegram chat polls. We also hold charity events to put together funds to donate too.


We are lucky to be able to do what we are doing and the least we can do is give back to those in less fortunate positions. This way every team member is indirectly contributing to making the world a better place and we can create a better impact as a team together!

We have started the 'Chance for Change' initiative so we can do 10% monthly donations of the membership fees we receive to the Great Ormond Street Hospital charity whilst also donating to new and emerging causes that need financial support such as countries that are experiencing a catastrophe or natural disaster.

We also have the option to donate without being a member, just click the donate button below and you will be redirected to the donation page.

*Please contact us if you would like to see proof of payment.*

chance for change.

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Thank you for helping us make a difference!