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Our community consists of many unique characters and individuals each of whom are persevering and disciplined.

Here's what some of them have to say about our program:


"OnyxTradeHouse really changed my perspective on how I see and adopt the financial markets. Daban is always available to answer all the questions you have and has a step by step guide for you to be a profitable trader. The community is vividly active and amazing.  Thank you guys!"



"Joined OTH about a month ago and I had an idea about how these concepts work as I was trading them. However, having Daban and Kav as mentors and seeing the detail in the concepts they teach just makes absolute sense. Definitely seen a massive improvement in my trading and I highly recommend OTH to anyone who is ready to put in the hard work to elevate in all aspects of life not just trading. 
Great members in the community too, always sharing ideas and motivating each other. 
I love it here!"



"From having joined OTH with no prior knowledge of trading, I can definitely say I have progressed a lot; with now making trades at a larger R/R. I have used this strategy accordingly and utilised on the 1-1 sessions to enable me to become a better trader. I have received the best advice on how to move forward with being provided with concise content and having all my questions promptly answered. And being one of the few females in this area, I can confidently say that OTH has supported me and treated me as an equal where I feel comfortable in a space that is majorly male dominated. I would recommend anybody who is interested in Forex to really consider joining OTH, as the mentorship and the distinct trading style will not disappoint!."



“Pure quality. From analysis to execution, OTH makes minimising risk and magnifying the R:R a thing of beauty. My mindset and trading skills have levelled up crazy amounts since joining and I couldn’t be happier with the service.An awesome community and even more awesome mentors all working to one goal - to be independent traders. genuinely amazing stuff and can’t wait to keep growing with the community!"

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"The support at Onyx is insane, I thought I knew enough to get by in trading from months of YouTube but I’ve learnt more in two months on the program here then I ever would online. It isn’t only the knowledge support that’s always on point, it’s the consistent push from the tutors to keep trying when things don’t go right so much so I’ve surprised my self with how much I’ve learnt! I just wish I started here earlier. 1000% recommend to anyone whether you’ve never seen a chart before or your already a profitable trader, I guarantee you will learn at Onyx."



"The most unique trading style I’ve ever come across. Thanks to OTH’s guidance I am now able to confidently take trades with low risk and high reward. 
Best mentorship would 100% recommend!"



"Being with onyx  has been a blessing I have learnt from one of my closest friends but the greatest mentor. I didn’t think trading could be broken down in such a way and be redefined how it has been taught to me. There’s so much information on the internet and spew jargon which make you think that trading is as simple and reading a graph and predicting it’s direction. What I’ve been taught by OTH and his team is something you can’t find anywhere else by far the best course money can by and highly under values."



"Since I’ve been with OTH the concepts I’ve learnt have truly refined my trading skills and analysis. They are unique and give me that edge I need in the market to execute proficiently. Along with the mentoring and community that is provided; the knowledge taught is a game changer! Weekly Zoom calls and regular guidance has been a critical factor to my learning and growth as a trader. I have benefited immensely from their help. Looking forward to developing myself further with the team! Highly recommend it!"

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